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Why Jubal String Quartet?

1.    We are a string quartet, not an agency. When you contact us, you will speak directly with the musicians who will be performing your event.  There is no middleman, so information does not get lost in the shuffle. We are professional musicians who have years of experience playing together for weddings and other events.

2.    When you hire Jubal String Quartet, you are getting experienced professionals who practice together specifically for your event. We do not just “run through” the music for an event (which is a common practice). We rehearse together, listening for the balance of the instruments, capturing the mood of each piece, and planning cuts in the music to ensure that the music comes to a close at just the right moment in your ceremony.   

3.    We are passionate about learning new music and performing the music that you love.  We have an extensive repertoire, and our repertoire is constantly expanding. We offer to learn one new song free of charge for each event (with 3 months prior notice). Some of our favorite melodies were added to our repertoire because of a special request, so be sure to let us know what you have in mind when you request a quote.

4.    We truly care about each event. We love what we do and consider it an honor to be part of so many beautiful memories.  Because we enjoy our work, we try our best to keep our cost as low as possible.

How soon do I need to contact Jubal String Quartet to be assured of availability?

Contact us as soon as you have the date and location of your event. Our calendar fills up quickly, so book early to ensure availability.

How much space do you require?

We require 12 feet x 8 feet.  We sit in a semi-circle in order to maintain eye contact for beginning and ending each song.

What time do you arrive?

We arrive one hour before the beginning of each event, allowing us time to unpack, set up, and discuss final arrangements with your coordinator.  

What do I need to provide for equipment? 

We only need you to provide four armless chairs. 

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